Frequent crashes

Hi! I am fairly new to Nomad, and have spent the past hours testing out basic sculpting in it. I’ve had six crashes in two hours, at seemingly random locations - when I’ve opened preferences, when I’ve pressed save, and when I was brushing. I’ve even had a crash opening the log and then pressing save.

Is there anything in particular I can check to see where the crashes are coming from? I’ve just been doing very basic operations on a low-memory (70mb) mesh. I am on version 1.64

Has me stumped. Double check the Change Log for Nov 13, anything on there seem like an operation you might have done before a crash?

What is your device?
Did you import a mesh with UVs or use the primitive UVs option in Debug menu?

I have an 11-inch iPad Pro, second generation. I have imported a mesh, which I assume came with some kind of default UVs from 3ds Max.

It should be resolved on 1.65 (under review by Apple, releeased soon).
Until then you can try “discard UV” in topology menu, it might work out.

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Thanks, I will try that on my next model :slight_smile:

I’m facing the same problem, same device model with 125 gb. I think the problem is because the sculpture have lot of detail, it’s almost 10gb

Your problem is different. You simply ran out of memory, that’s way you experience frequent crashes.
Decimate the mesh and you’ll be fine. Fen though I can’t believe the numbers you’ve posted

Probably meant 10M, not 10GB.

Also it’s the RAM that matters the most, not the storage.

Although 10GB would explain the crashes :joy: