Auto save causing crashes

Bug reports - I just updated Nomad yesterday to the latest version and now if I manually trigger Autosave, it shuts down the app. And the Autosave window is not popping up on the timed intervals. Help!

Did you use the voxel remesher before you tried saving?

More specifically, using the voxel remesher shortcut at the bottom and then directly saving without visiting the voxel menu at the top in the meantime.

Edit: Nomad 1.63 is out, make sure to update it. There were also other bugs that could trigger a crash easily.

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Ah, the culprit has been identified, tres bien!

Thank you so much, I didn’t realize an update was out. I am going to do that RIGHT NOW, cause this is driving me mad. Hitting the remesh icon at the bottom is a rote move for me and I just couldn’t stop myself from doing it :frowning:

If you go into Interface menu, you can deselect voxel remesher and it will remove it from the bottom tool row.

True…I so envy all of you who have common sense, a trait I lack. Lol. But here’s the thing…did the update, and it just crashed THREE TIMES on me doing it the recommended way. Is this still happening with you? I have PLENTY of space on my iPad by the way, so it’s not that. Le sigh.

Make sure to be on 1.64, not 1.63.

If it still crashes, make sure your model is not too high poly.
Note that it’s the RAM that matters, not the iPad storage.

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Thank you Stephomi, when I went to the App Store I only saw 1.63, so I’ll go back and check because this is maddening. Can you help me out, because I’m VERY new to sculpting, I don’t know the range for “high poly”, what is too much?

i just checked the App Store and it only shows me 1.63 and there’s not another one listed, so I don’t know what to do

Regarding the RAM, I just checked and it’s 127MB used and 4593MB Free, and I’m sorry, but I’m not sure if I’m in a danger zone because to me that looks like a small portion of RAM is being used in comparison to what’s available, but I can’t make progress on my sculpt because remeshing is necessary every few minutes for me and it just keeps crashing. Le sigh.

When your available RAM starts going into red numbers, pay attention to the poly count at that point. High poly is a dynamic phrase, it’s really down to what your device can handle from RAM for individual use. 50M is high poly, but low for Hollywood CGI - because the machines they use are monsters. Additionally, update 1.64 will be out soon - I think Stephane’s still working on it. Just hang on for a bit. If remeshing is vital, don’t use the voxel remesher and use the standard one for now. There’s two in Nomad.

Hi John, by saying the standard remesher, I’m assuming you’re talking about the shortcut icon I use at the bottom? Unfortunately that crashes too. So far I haven’t seen where I get into the red. Currently the sculpt I’m working on in the RAM section says 127MB used and 4593 Used. I don’t have a full grasp of what that means and I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. I LOOOOOOOVE this program and having this happen is giving me the sads. :frowning:

1.64 has been released half an hour ago, it takes bit of time before the AppStore displays the latest version.

Even if the store displays 1.63, if the download button is available (instead of the « open » button) it will update to 1.64.

No. Go into the Topology Menu > Dynamic Topology. The quad/tri remesher is there.

That’s completely fine.
As long as you have more than half the RAM available you shouldn’t have any issues.

Concerning the topology tools, there is a manual with small that could help you understand things a bit Topology | Nomad Sculpt

Sorry for the late reply…just seeing this. I will check it out. I think my biggest problem is still how to apply resolution and multi-resolution. I’m slowly started to grasp how to not do the most and create the largest files in the world, but I don’t have a SOLID grasp of it.

Thanks so much. Stephomi had me updated to 1.64 and the problem seems to be resolved now

Thank you so much. It appeared and I performed the update. Everything seems to be working fine now.