Nomal Sculpt is very powerful, i make a crash test

Ipad pro 12.9 - 2018 - 512Go 4go ram.

I have duplicate 5 UV sphere with Voxel remesh at 800 max resolution for a total of 12.5M triangles.

Result I can draw and deform each sphere as long as I don’t add a sixth one. I also managed to draw with the dynamic topology at 800 resolution also without any crashes. It is really very impressive on an ipad with only 4Gb of ram. I noticed something interesting, I did all my tests with only Nomad open and when I wanted to copy the 5th sphere I was 10M from triangles and it crashed but strangely as soon as I relaunched nomad I had a regain of ram memory and I was able to deplicate a 5th as if by magic. On the other hand, impossible to go higher than 12.5M.

I have a question for @stephomi i use an ipad pro 12.9 -2018- 512Go and 4Go Ram but i say always in the stats a total of more or less 3Gb, does the software leave 1gb of ram for the rest of the ipad operation? Is there a way to use all or most of the ram memory on the ipad ?

  • Dynamic topology uses more memory (when you reload a project it’s disabled)

  • The history takes memory as well (cleared when you reload a project)

  • Displaying the wireframe as well adds a bit of memory as well

  • “Free” is a value returned by iOS directly, so if you see a low value it means it can crash at any moment

  • “Used” is a value that I compute manually. It’s a lower estimate as I might miss stuffs when computing it, but overall it should be accurate.

Yes the 1gb difference is for iOS but it’s up to iOS to decide when to kill the app.

Small tip: It’s not 100 robust but you can use “partial drawing” at the bottom of the Settings panel if you want to sculpt very small changes (while using dynamic topology for example)


Your answer is precise thank you very much, I will try the partial drawing to see what it does. Thank you.

I found this Trick to purge/reset IOS Ram.
Closing everything, purge and starting Nomad with a sphere turns out in 3042MB available RAM.
I am on an older iPad Pro 10,5” but also with 4GB RAM.

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Interesting. I have a barbaric method for those who don’t have a home button and don’t want to activate the virtual home button. use voxel remesh on a sphere at a high enough detail level to crash nomad. then reopen and tadaaaaa. lol it works.

You go home with 4 fingers slow swipe on screen (quick swipe in up direction will only return on home, not display the app previews), and then swipe an app preview up to exit it.

Surely everyone knows that?

There’s no need to crash the app.

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so let me explain to you I often do stress tests that amuse me. And when I go up in poly and in post fx sometimes I have 200mb left on the 3gb if I completely close the application and come back to it I may have gained 20 bm but if by chance the application closes at the reopening I often gain full 1gb.

That’s not the behavior I got, are you sure you do exit the app completely, and not simply move it to background?

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Does the amount of installed (not open) apps affects used/free RAM

No need to have home button or assistive touch, maintain power button and volume up then push cancel cross 3 sec and release, same result.

Yes. Check free RAM then open some painting apps and check RAM again.

Edit….well did. what I wrote but free RAM was not changing….anyway, closing all other apps always helped when I started to have problems.

No it shouldn’t change anything, it’s only the opened apps that matters.

Ok, thanks!