RAM usage on ipad pro 2021


I’ve been using nomad sculpt for a while now and i’ve never really had any issues. However since the last few months (?) it crashes with minor changes. (Changing the voxel remesh from 150 to 400). This happened with a very simple object too, so i checked my ram usage and i barely have 2,5gb of rams left? While only using 709mb. Is this normal? And does anyone have any tips on cleaning up my ram usage??

Close all other apps, restart your iPad?

I’ve restarted my ipad, and close all the apps. I barely use my ipad for anything else besides nomad or procreate :frowning:

There is a bug with layers, delete all the empty ones in the list.

Yeah i was going to ask about that too! Because suddenly when i make a new layer i feel like each stroke/edit i make automatically creates a new one, is that the bug?

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