Recommended storage space on IPad

I have planned to buy an iPad Pro to use Nomad Sculpt and Procreate. What is the recommended storage space to be comfortable using this two apps regularly please?
For the moment i only work with Cinema 4d on PC, i plan to sculpt middle poly cartoon characters on Nomad Sculpt
Thanks in advance for your advices :blush:

I have 256 GB. This is quite relaxing.
There are 580 Nomad projects stored on my iPad. Lots are quite lightweight, just for testing, others are pretty heavy.
Around 250 projects in Procreate.
Probably same in Infinite Painter.
Procreate auto video recording is annoying regarding HD Space.

There are 136 apps installed :flushed:
Lots of big apps like painting apps, Lumafusion, word, excel.

I have 18 GB left but big potential to delete unnecessary shit.

I would say 256 GB is fine.

New iPad Pro’s 2021+2022 do have 16GB Ram in 1+2 TB Versions.
Very useful for Nomad and means more + bigger layer in Procreate.
If money is not an issue.

If you are organised or use some cloud storing ( could be some home cloud like WDCloud) or if you backup and delete files frequently from your iPad, 128 GB could be possible. But I would never go for an iPad Air 2022 with 64GB.

Apple is one way.

Once decided, you have to life with the HD and RAM. That sucks.

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Thank you very much for this so complete and helpful reply :pray::pray::pray:

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You are welcome. I forgot to mention that I started with 9,7 GB iPad Pro with 32 GB and 2GB RAM only. Even though I made some nice drawings with it, it felt limited very early.
And canvas size was already problematic with 2GB RAM only. I am on a 10,5” Pro now.

New M1 iPads do have 8GB RAM, iPad Air 2022 as well. This could be an option if money is an issue. Older 1TB iPad do have 6GB. But I would try to get 8GB RAM.

DaVinci Resolve is coming to iPad as well, but I haven’t heard anything about usability so far. Video stuff on iPad is for sure HD hungry. Cozy blanket is an interesting retopo tool for iPad. With something like 90 € ? Per year not cheap.

You are on PC? On Mac you could use your iPad as graphic display tablet as well. For PC, there are apps, but uninteresting pricey imho.

I am considering to upgrade, but need to justify the money, as you hear :joy:
So far, as was not able to convince myself as I am earning not enough with iPad work. It’s more mobile fun.
But for lot of user cases, this already works.
Nomad real time rendering is cool btw.

Good luck!

Thank you for this informations!
I work on PC since just one year, before i was on Mac since 1998, i have a 2014 Macpro, what MacOs version i need to use iPad as a graphic tablet please?

And just for information i discover the ipad and Procreate with the ipad 1, 12 years ago!
and I haven’t bought an iPad since. otherwise I regularly use a Wacom Cintiq tablet

I think i will be shocking with this new iPad!

You won’t need to use an iPad as a tablet for your Mac, the current M2 iPad Pro is faster & more powerful than any Mac from 2014.

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I am on PC as well.

But if you have a Cintiq, you are just fine.
I was just searching for arguments paying an incredible amount of money for something half useful if you are working with motion pictures.
For static pictures, I guess it is worth the money, as long as you are not after architectural visualisation requiring super high dense 3D scenes.

No matter how long Apple proclaims an iPad as a desktop replacement, no matter how powerful it is, as long as you work with professional video, or even 3D it will be just a “nice to have” but not mandatory. It will be a mobile add on.
But I painted with tablet and notebook on airplane years before, and I could switch to 3ds max, After Effects whatever immediately. With all disadvantages for sure, starting with battery life.

Mobility is an addictive factor, quickly gets you wasting hrs on mobile that would have taken minutes on desktop. But every year it is getting better and better.
Saying this - I started ages ago on an iPad 2 with Procreate. An Adonit stylus was scratching my screen to get things done.
Since then, I wasted probably 2 working month or more to find workarounds for something just done on the fly on desktop. 2 or more month of my life, I could have spent with my family whatever.
On the other hand, I almost never drew that much before, and since Nomad, I never sculpted that much as these tools are always with me.
Carried from room to room.

My thoughts.

Thanks to all for your replys.
After checking your advises and the Ipad models, i hesitate beetween this two models:

  • The iPad with 256 Go and 8 Go Ram at 1600 € and the iPad with 1 To and 16 Go Ram at 2350 €
    I consider it will be an investissement for 5 years at least so do you think that it will make a great difference beetween this two models on Nomad Sculpt (8 Go vs 16 Go Ram)?

Thanks in advance for your advices

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Best some 16GB owner answer.
From logical side, it should be quite a boost.