Nomad on the new iPad Pro?

the new iPad pro is expected to be released today April even , so I wonder if it has more RAM and better CPU how it will enhance the performance of Nomad. Any thoughts? is it worth updating?

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I am impatiently awaiting the Keynote but from what I have already understood the ipad pro would carry 8GB ram. I hope that Apple will not give us the bad surprise of staying at 6.

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I’m afraid they won’t mention how much RAM it will have , like they did in 2018 version, so we need to wait for someone to test it. if it has 8 I will be convinced do update since Nomad can handle more polygons. but also I’m interested to know how better CPU can improve Nomad

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The CPU of apple chip is more than powerful enough already.
Nomad performance would benefit more from a GPU improvements, enabling smoother and quicker real time rendering of complex scenes.


M1 iPad Pro!!!

Up to 16GB RAM!!

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Where did you find that info?

It was on the launch stream.

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Looks like 16GB of RAM is on the 1TB and 2TB models only. Still though.

Up to 16Gb… WOW!

I’ve been thinking about selling my drone to justify an iPad Pro (I’ve been using Nomad on my 2018 non-Pro iPad). This probably just sealed the deal.

Good grief, that will probably cost a pretty penny!

I’d be really curious about an app developers perspective; making an app that works across 3gb to 16gb; 5" screen to 13". I wonder if it must be a pain point or not.

It looks like they’re keeping the same price points as the last gen (I think?). If so, the 1TB 12.9" non-cellular version will be $1400 :slightly_frowning_face:

/edit: wait, nevermind. I’m way off. $1800. Jeeeez.

Looks like the cheapest way to 1TB is the 11-inch wifi model for $1500.

I don’t think I could down size from 12.9… I’d buy a 15” iPad if they made one! Before I couldn’t warrant it but now it’s essentially a tablet MacBook Pro!

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Yeah … I’m already trying to justify it to myself. :frowning:

Plus an Apple Pencil. Ugh.

I guess on the plus side, I’ve had my 2018 iPad and been perfectly happy with it before Nomad (aside from 32GB of storage being laughably small in hindsight), so hopefully dropping $2k on an iPad Pro will last me for several years.

I’ve had my first gen pro for 5 years and it’s still going strong but this is a no brainer

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will see how it handles polycount, and if it doesn’t generet UV the renders and painting in nomad looks beter, so far of what can i see on the preview

Here’s a vid of M1 MacBook maxing out maya

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Will this help with the poly count?