M1 IPad Pro

Will Nomad Sculpt be optimized to take full advantage of the new IPad Pro? How will its new RAM Specifications impact its sculpting performance and polygons?


The goal is actually to keep the program as CPU-light as possible, regardless of the amount of power supplied. Inevitably, as more options open up, and projects themselves grow, these advancements in hardware will be of use for sculpting.

Each generation that comes out, is also in company with a greater majority of people that own the previous, which has to be considered.

What procreate is doing alongside Apple, with the release of the 2021 iPad, is a marketing campaign. That’s not to diminish procreate’s advancements - but it is in some part a marketing thing.

Let’s hope nomad never goes the route of a marketing focus, and we can help that much as a community by keeping our class and self-appreciation as high as we’d like our developer’s to be.

It’s up to iOS to decide how much memory a single app can use.
Hopefully it should be around ~14gb for the 16gb iPad Pro.

I won’t buy it for now so I’ll have to rely on user feedbacks in case some issues happen.
But I already improved some stuffs in Nomad 1.48, typically the possibility of supporting big files (>2gb)


With iOS 15, the 5GB limitation for apps is no longer a limitation, given the developer of the app decides to request more RAM via entitlement.

I for one would love to utilize as much memory for Nomad as I can on my new iPad M1 (16GB of Ram). Honestly, Nomad is the reason for me purchasing the newer iPad.


Same, well… Nomad as Procreate :slight_smile:

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I have similar feelings… I need to use fully my M1 IPad … please please please

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