Is an iPad Pro 2nd Gen enough to run Nomad Sculpt effectively?

I do sculpting on PC, but I’m considering getting Nomad Sculpt if I ever feel like sculpting away from it.

The problem is my iPad is a 2nd generation pro model from 2017, and I’m not sure how well it would fare with a sculpting application. Would it be highly advisable to get one of the later iPad models before using Nomad Sculpt? What would the key limitations be if using the app on a 2nd gen? How many tris would it take for performance to noticeably tank?

Nomad runs very nicely on older ios devices. I have a first gen iPad pro, a few other iPads at least 3 years old, runs great on all of them.

I’m amused that you’d not risk a $15 app vs a several thousand dollar iPad upgrade. :wink:

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I’m not considering a new iPad at all.

I am on a 10,5” iPad Pro.
That’s what I did I with it so far:

You can scroll up and down to see what I did.
RAM is the culprit as the developer always underlines.

That means, it doesn’t matter which iPad Pro you have, as long it is not a 9,7 Pro with 2GB RAM or newer iPads pro starting from 2021 or the iPad Air 2022 wich do have 8GB RAM / (16GB for 1+2TB)
iPad Air 2022 does have 8GB RAM as well.

All others do have 4GB RAM till the 2021 versions.
With the exception of 1TB versions from 2020 with 6GB RAM.

I experience some limits if I go above 4 millions polys. But this is just a rule of thumb. Depending on the amount of layers, which are memory hungry, or the amount of instances, which are memory saving, one can go up 20 million, but only with instances - be aware you’ll be not able to validate anymore on your older ipad.
I use very good decimate, depending if project target allows this.

So, yes! You can do a lot. The app is not expensive compared to what is offered, it is extremely affordable. Check yourself.

But be aware!
You’ll never stop again :vulcan_salute:

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