Hardware question: Ipad Pro vs Ipad

Greetings and thanks for reading.

So finally determined to become a Nomad and I’m wondering about the hardware specs needed. I am ware Ram is a big issue, but of course budget is an issue too.

Specifically thinking about the difference between iPad Pro (2021 and 2022) and the latest iPad. If someone could share thoughts on these in relation to Nomad, it would be great. Thanks!

You can search the forum, this question is asked all the time, e.g. Is an iPad Pro 2nd Gen enough to run Nomad Sculpt effectively?

The question comes every few days :wink::grinning:.

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Thanks for your answer mate. I had read that same question before and a few others -that’s why I’m not getting an Android device :)-

But felt its not really addressing the iPad (non Pro version).

I don’t expect to have someone tell me what to buy, so I’m tacking this process with a grain of sault. But I do thank any tip and as a 3d generalist with many years of experience, I’m very excited about Nomad.

The normal Ipad is in my opinion not the best choice to work with Nomad Sculpt. If you buy a NEW Ipad now, it should be at least an AIR.

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I’m probably not best qualified to answer, as I’m pretty new to digital sculpting and don’t think I’ve pushed my iPad too far in terms of poly count, but I’ve got a 2021 M1 8gb iPad Pro 12.9inch, and it handles nomad beautifully.
I just did a quick test - I subdivided a cube to 2.5million verts and sculpted on it with fairly large radius clay brush set to 1% stroke spacing. Slight lag, but entirely usable. At a smaller radius and more zoomed in, barely any lag.
Basically I think the 2021 8gb pro is more than capable, so it might be a good option to get a refurbished one from Apple instead of the latest model. Hope that helps, but like I say, I’m fairly new to digital work.
Oh, and I definitely wouldn’t want to sacrifice the big screen size now that I’ve experienced it. I think it has such great proportions for visual art creation.
If I was getting a new device today for nomad I wouldn’t consider less than 8gb - wouldn’t seem worth it long term.