RAM requirement - 2021 iPad Pro

Hey there everyone!
I am itching to get my hands on a 2021 M1 iPad Pro 12,9" 8GB version.
My question is, will I be handycapped by the RAM, or I can do honest highpoly sculpting with that 8GB?

Can somone provide me poly numbers, where the performance is still fluid?


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No RAM handicaps with the 8GB, Nomad can access 6.2GB of that - it’s pretty much the top tier - only surpassed by the 16GB version (12.2 for Nomad). I pretty much specialise in high poly sculpts, no complaints or problems from my end. It’s a work horse. About 18M poly’s I’d say is the dead limit it can handle - but thats pushing incredibly( around 30M for the 16GB version. ) - with no lights, texturing or anything else - as a rule of thumb I try not to surpass 14M - problems will arise. Over-all, 14M is more than enough for pretty much anyone using tablets to 3D sculpt on. Generally you can get a good 3M poly’s to the GB, more if you’re conservative and refresh your memory regularly.


Thank you so much! I’ll push the order button tomorrow then :slight_smile:

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Good luck! :smiley:

4.07 million vertices on a Motorola g Play phone with GB ram with a little slow down.