Has anyone benchmarked Nomad on the 16GB iPad Pro yet?

I’d be curious to what extent Nomad is able to benefit from it, since it is a 4X increase compared to what most of us have in our current iPad Pros. It sure has a crazy price tag on it.

It’s not even out yet.

I’m curious to know how much RAM a single app can use (hopefully ~14GB, it’s the « free » indicator in Nomad).
For heavy scene maybe using « partial drawing » could be useful (bottom of settings menu).

In any case it’s probably best to wait for Nomad 1.48 as right now Nomad can’t handle uncompressed glb file >2GB.


16GB RAM are 1TB (1800$) or 2TB (2200$) iPad Pro only, btw.


Yeah, crazy price tag. xD

Poland: 11" 16GB RAM 1TB - (2060$ with APencil), 12,9’ 16GB RAM 2TB cell - (3280$ with AP).
You can always buy Galaxy Tab S7 with 8GB RAM, with pencil and samsung book cover keyboard case included (all this for 900$), but as I discovered recently, the wise AnDrOiD is tryigng to fill as much RAM as it can with recent “garbage”, so if the tablet have 4GB of RAM it will use instantly more than 1 GB (S GTab s6Lite), and if it has 8GB, android will take up to 3GB (S GTab s7).

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Yup, I’m guessing they’re using disk space for swap files and didn’t want 16GB of a smaller drive taken up with memory swap files. At 1TB+, you probably won’t even notice the missing space.

Good point! I didn’t check prices in Germany.
Above was price tag for 12,9” in US, WiFi only.

In Germany 1TB 12,9” WiFi = 2380$ (580$ more than in US, did I do something wrong?)
12,9” 2TB WiFi = 2908$
12,9” 2TB Wifi + Cell = 3115$

Plus keyboard (heard that even 2020 users need a new keyboard) , plus pencil.
I won’t spent this amount of money for a toy prisoned in IOS limitations.
A surface book full equipped would be much more likely, even that is insane.
No benchmark in sight, from me.

In my country iPad Pro 2021, 12,9”, WiFi only.
1TB = $2480
2TB = $3032

I better buy super pc and older version. Or I will wait 1 Year pass and the price will fall eventually really bad usually.


Belgium 1to wifi only 12.9 : 2000€

I got a Galaxy Tab S7.

My iPad Air 4 is ~3/4 times faster than the S7, when benchmarking with voxel remesher and subdivide. The iPads are really in their own league in term of performance.

With the iPads Pro, you basically pay a lot for extra memory.

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Apple is and will remain expensive, I am not riding gold, but I would rather save and spend a lot on a device that I keep for a long time rather than less expensive on devices that disappoint me after 2 years. I have kept my first iPad 10 years and it still works I work on average 5 or 6 years with my iPhones and even when I change they still work. Here even though I have only had my iPad Pro for 2 and a half years, I don’t think I will cross the end of the year milestone for the new iPad Pro with 16gb.

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Considering that for 3280$ (12’9 16GB 2tB + APencil) you can buy a quite good PC to work with, we must ask master @stephomi : When the windows full version will occur?

Please notice that I don’t even ask “if” or “will it occur”, beacuse demo version is already there :slight_smile:

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Have iPad for nomad and pc for nomad what a beautiful life! I like it :star_struck:

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Sorry to disappoint you but Nomad is not planned on Desktop!
The demo is mostly there for testing purposes.

Adding an extra platform would add too much maintenance work (payment, marketplace, wacom support, more important keyboard support, etc).
And the market is less obvious than on mobile, I would need to fit between Blender (free), and ZBrush, 3DCoat, etc.
For now I want to focus on mobile. That being said most of Nomad already work on desktop so maybe in the future…



Sorry to read that, becuse Nomad Sculpt seems to be perfect as an “entry drug” for sculpting in 3D, it helps to switch thinking from pixels to verticals very well. Blender is free, yes, but the learning curve is THE pain in the ass if I may use such vocabulary, especially for someone with permanent lack of time (and visual memory, so shortcuts are kind of 7th floor of hell). Zbrush is 900$. I need to check on 3DCoat - something new for me.

This thread would be more accurately named “people complaining about Apple prices”…


Hahaha - yes, sorry. But prizes are far from justified.
Anyway, I truly hope to see a benchmark soon.

Technically benchmarks should be higher than those for M1 MacBook Pro (OSX being more resource intensive than iOS)

So should be able to handle 3D like this…

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if i recall correctly that’s not even running native, but under emulation.

Just noticed that Maxon recently bought Forger & Redshift (hopefully they’ll this bring to the iPad)

3D on the iPad is certainly gathering pace