Nomad on bluestack

Anyone tried nomad on bluestacks? If yes, Does it work well?

I would love for it to have worked well, but it didn’t.

Loading existing OBJs exported from Nomad caused it to crash repeatedly. It was essentially non responsive. Maybe it’ll be efficient enough in a future iteration, but right now, it’s not worth the time.

It works like a dream in my iPad Pro. That’s the really important thing. It’s an awesome app and was from Day 1! Looking forward to the update.

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Hmm thought as much, think i should get an ipad for now but dont want to spend much.

Buy second hand.

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Okay i plan on getting one tomorrow, which one do you think is best for nomad? In terms of display I think i will go with ipad 11 but there are other things to consider right?. Of course im getting one with the M1 chip(thats the real juice)

There are not that many M1 iPads, most important is RAM for performance and not too less HD space.

All M1 have 8GB RAM min.
The 1/ 2TB have 16GB

2022 iPad Air with 64 / 256 GB is a cheaper alternative.

256GB is a relaxing HD size

If I will spend some money on a new iPad, I will hope to get a 11” 1TB one for a good price - but I looked at the 256GB iPad Air as well, which should be a brilliant alternative if money talks.

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As Knacki said RAM is the most importat feature. You should be fine with 8 Gb RAM. I’m with 4 Gb and sometimes it’s limiting.

Good luck!

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Also Apple are likely to unveil the next iPad Pro this week and if they follow their usual pattern it could well feature the new M2 so RAM could potentially reach 24gb

What ever they chose to upgrade it to it will mean a drop in price for the older M1 iPad Pros so definitely worth holding out for a few more days before buying @ProductiveLadd


Thanks y’all !

I eventually got the 512 gb 11" ipad pro,

yeah i think the M2 might take a while to release lol