iPad Mini vs. iPad Air

I discovered this program and I want to learn how to use it.
At the same time, I am now in the process of choosing a new iPad, so I would like to ask if anyone has experience with the differences between the current iPad Air and the iPad Mini. Within Nomad Sculpture, of course.

Is there any significant difference between the processors the two iPads have? Resp. is the A15 somehow significantly worse when using Nomad Sculpt than the M1 in the iPad Air?

Thank you for your reply

I haven’t used either of them but thought I’d mention something else to consider: Screen Size.

For me, I feel like the larger the screen the better so I can see my model better and don’t have to be zoomed out as much in order to see what I’m doing.

I started out with a regular iPad and used it for a couple of years until I upgraded to an 11” pro. I LOVE the slightly larger screen and often wish I had kept saving until I could afford the 12.9” because I want a larger screen. Performance wise, I could tell a slight difference between the then 3 yr old iPad and the brand new pro, but I’d almost rather have the larger screen than the uptick in performance.

If you can afford both a larger screen and the better performer, I’d go for that. Just my $0.02 tho.

I have the iPad Air with the M1 chip, I believe it’s the 2022 version, and it has been a dream.

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thank god bc that’s what i just ordered!
finally switching over from using Nomad Sculpt via BlueStacks on desktop hooked up to a huion monitor