I am plannig to buy ipad air 5. does it run/support Nomad sculpt?

or should I buy the pro ?

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Yes. Maybe…
RAM is important.

It’s got M1 chip in it and has 8 GB RAM

This is :+1: - I think new AIR with M3 is coming in march…

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Oh that sounds awesome !

As the iPad Pro is expected to get the M3 chip in the March event, I very seriously doubt Apple’s marketing would sabotage the fanfare for it by undercutting it with an M3 iPad Air. While they MAY bump the Air to M3 later this same year, it won’t be at the March event. If the current Air has an M1, the March event will bump it to M2.

The same sentiment is predicted by those who’ve amassed a reasonably solid track record:

To further the incentive for jumping to a $999 Pro rather than a $799 Air, I can see them availing the Apple Pencil 3 only to the Pro lineup.

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I have a base spec M1 iPad Pro and it has run Nomad Sculpt very well. I think that for most things, the 8GB of RAM is fine, especially if you’re not running a lot of other things at the same time. One thing I would definitely consider if you go with the Air is getting the 256GB storage configuration. The 3D projects can take up a decent amount of space, plus you’ll probably want plenty of room for apps. I wouldn’t recommend the 64GB configuration for any power user. That said, I think the iPad Air 5th Gen would be a great choice. It also depends on whether you’re happy with the smaller display size, or if you’d rather the 12.9” display configuration for the iPad Pro.

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