IPad Air vs Ipad pro

Hello, I’m planning to buy an iPad mainly for nomad and procreate.
Im thinking between the

iPad air 2022 with m1 8gb ram and 256 gb (as I understood 64gb would be problematic ) which is 750$.

IPad pro 2021 11inch with m1 8gb 128gb which is 800$.

so my question is why should I spend 50$ more on half storage space when the specs looks the same. Are there Any other noticeable differences between the pro and the air when using nomad?

Any recommendations between the two?

Thank you!

I have same questions here… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I have seen the pro have 100 nits more, so bit brighter, and for pencil strokes… Maybe 120hz, at ipad pro, is better than 60hz, from air. I am not sure about the work flow with pc. But modellling looks much more simple in comparison to my modo8

Yeah, I would say if there are differences with the PC workflow it would be worth it. But didn’t yet understand if the port is that much different or of it makes a difference for PC.