Ipad Pro 12,9 2022 8gig vs 16gig?

Hi there,

I didnt really find an answer so thats why.
Coming from an 2017 2nd. Gen iPad Pro with 4gig Ram I wan to upgrade to a 2022 refurbished one. Though I`m not sure on which one to choose since the upgrade to the 16gig RAM will “only” be around 200 bucks.
Using only Nomad, Cozyblanked and Procreate on it.

At the moment I dont do highpoly, however I am tempted to try some more highdetailed stuff with textures and all… and I fear that it might run out to soon then? Usually I prefer a more stylized approach though.
Dont want to buy a new one in just a few years again ;_)

Will 16gig Ram just be a total overkill? I mostly use procreate for pro artwork, and I know that even the 8gig will give a huge upgrade. But I have absolutely no idee for 3d modelling.


I think the 16go (if the 200 extra buck is not a problem) is the way to go. It’ll make a difference in the long run, especially if more rendering features will be included with future updates.

Also, extra ram goes hand in hand extra storage for iPad! You’ll never have too much ram or storage, it’ll always be beneficial and would resell better too!

It may be interesting to know if the 16go affects certain things such as battery life or if it’s more subject to overheat.