If the ipad m2 comes out, would i be able to do even more in nomad

I see fantastic models done by people it’s incredible what people are able to do. but if ipads release with the M2 processor, could alot more be done in nomad then whats currently capable.

I have heard that you can get 20mil polys on ipads m1 But have seen a video where you can get up to 35 to 40mil. but im not sure how nomad might run at that point with lag,crashes or other software issues.

So could an m2 ipad bump that up to where you could get 40mil or more polys without issues?

Nomads culprit is RAM.
If a new model will have more than 8/16 GB RAM, you can expect a higher possible polycount.
The 1-2TB versions of actual iPad have 16GB.
32GB RAM would be a surprise to me, to be honest.

How come you can get an ipad with 1 tb of ram but only able to use 16?

Clarification is that the 1-2 Terabyte STORAGE versions of iPad Pros use an M1 chip that has 16GB RAM on the same CPU die (built into chip, that’s what makes it lightning fast). The OTHER type of baseline M1 chip has 8GB on-die ram (used in lower spec iPad Pros and iPad Air)

Look up Rene Richie YouTube videos if you want the gritty details, but cramming an M1 chip into an iPad wasn’t done to give you 8 or 16GB of ram, it was to save Apple a LOAD of development money by reusing a chip they already developed for MacBooks at the time.

Nomad developer Stephane mentioned elsewhere it’s iPadOS that currently limits 5-6ish GB to be seen by the hardware. Therefore not a fault of this app and for the short term, quite pointless to make the 16GB version one of your main purchasing reasons.

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i have heard apple is planning on releasing a new os for ipad, so im hoping that fixes those issues.

Since iOS 15 the limit is raised to 12GB max for the 16GB version.
For the 8GB version it was raised from 5GB to 5.5GB.


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Alright ^^