My First “Human” (Faun-Elf) work in progress

This is pushing my iPad to its limits with memory as had multiple crashes.


Looks Good. :+1:t2:

How many polygons in this model and what model of iPad are you using?
My iPad in an Air 2 and can still handle quite a lot of polygons.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I am using a sixth gen iPad. The elf it at 5.70m polygons. That leaves me about 300+ meg, so I can’t render him in 4K or screen. Just 1080. Any remeshes just crash the program or destroy the detail. The biggest drawback is the fact that the stamp tool only works in a high polygon count mode for detail. This is the most detailed model I have tried so far. I need one of the 2020 iPad Pro’s or go back to Zbrush on the big computer…

Looking good! I wonder if the memory issues you’re experiencing could be mitigated by some workflow changes. Just like in painting or drawing, you won’t use more paint or graphite than you need to communicate the forms. Likewise with any 3D software you won’t Sub Divide or add detail arbitrarily.

Upgrades are always nice though! (I work on a 10.5 iPad Pro. I love it and it runs Nomad great!) But I also find it valuable to work within the boundaries and constraints of your hardware software combination to maximize efficiencies. Voxel remeshing at the right time can go a long way in preserving the models detail and conserving memory.

For me personally, I’ve built some pretty detailed models in Nomad and have literally never experienced a crash (unless I intentionally try to crash the software. i.e. Sub dividing like there’s no tomorrow.)

Looking forward to see more! Happy sculpting!

If your model is one object then it makes it harder to remesh. If you make a copy of your model and open it as a new scene then you can split your character into parts. That way if the legs, head, hands, etc are separate then you can have lower or higher polygon counts for each part. It also makes it easier to work on one piece at a time. Nearly all my sculpts are broken into pieces and my characters arms for example will have less polygons than the head. That way it’s less likely to crash. :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Hi Adam. That’s kinda what I did thanks to your advice. I had a lot more spare memory with this rebuild.
Posing fingers etc is tricky in this app, the masking tools are very basic compared to Zbrush, but just took a bit of patience and time. I find the “gizmo” a bit slow on my iPad and the lights even more so, but I will get that iPad Pro 2020 one day…
Many thanks for the help though.

I’m sure the future updates will improve on posing. I’m still amazed how much Nomad can do.

I used 123d Sculpt Plus on this same iPad in the past and it was clunky and was nothing compared to Nomad.

Stéphane has worked magic being the sole creator of Nomad. He has achieved more than a big company like Autodesk who have millions of dollars to throw around. So any improvements made are a bonus. :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face: