Crashes every time I save or mirror an object?


I’m new to 3D modelling and I’m experiencing Nomad crashing every time I save and if I go to mirror an object in my very first project. What would this be due to as it is really frustrating?

I use an iPad Pro 3rd generation (256 GB)

Hope someone can help.


Can you take a screen shot of your current scene? Chances are this is high RAM usage from a mesh with very very high verts/faces.

Yes, more info is needed (Nomad version, etc).

Nomad version 1.65.


15.2 million vertices

You need to reduce your poly count. Your iPad is likely running out of memory.


Free “87MB”. Hmm I’m not sure how to make it more explicit.

You are using way too much polycount, you have 0 memory left.
You can maybe check this page to maybe help you use less polygons Topology | Nomad Sculpt. Decimation can help as well.



Thanks guy’s, I kind of thought it was to do with that.

So from my Scene List do I need to try and reduce them all in size and mainly concentrate on the high ones for example the Face Sculpt (5.73M) etc, would merging objects help as well?

Please could you explain why some have for example 24.4K and others have 4 numbers e.g. 5502, what is the difference and which are bigger in size?


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My dear friend Diege,

You are not only new to sculpting, are you? :kissing_heart:
K stand for Kilo and is standard for 1000, like in Kilogramm, kilobyte…
324k = 324000

Have you ever build a toy plane?
You need some lead in front to get it into balance. It needs exactly this amount of lead, that is is balanced when you put two finger in centre of wings below. Then it will fly wonderfully.

Not that complicate but almost same it is with a computer.
Nomad shows you your free memory.
It should not be much below 1000 MB.

If your scene is bigger, if you have too much lead in your toy plane, it will not fly anymore. It will crashes straight down into the ground. The more lead - the more you are below 1000MB, the more likely it will happen.
Your plane is too heavy, you need to reduce the weight.

I want you to do the following:
Open a new scene.
Take the default sphere and think of a simple shape, an apple , I.e.
Now form it to an apple.

Now go to multi resolution and reduce the subdivisions till you still got the shape and the resolution still is enough not to make the little square shapes, called polygon, visible. You will see, you don’t need that much subdivisions for a simple apple shape.

You are in balance now.
Use only as much geometry resolution you need, start very low for blocking out your forms, switch on wireframe often, to see the resolution. A soft surface without details don’t need to be full of polygon.
Be careful with dynamic topology.
Check wireframe.

Dance with your imagination of the shape you have in your mind, and the lowest polygon resolution possible to realise it in Nomad.

You will see that you won’t need a tenth or less polygon (one square) and vertices ( the corner point of the square) like you use now.

Good luck and always keep your plane in balance, not too much lead please, otherwise = :boom: crash.

Hi Knacki,

Thanks for explaining that, I’ll certainly have a go at the apple.
But at the moment I can’t seem to do a lot in Nomad without it turning off/crashing on me.

So are you saying for me to start reducing all the subdivisions on all the shapes I’m using in my project till I can see the shape I want but without making it to blocky?


Yes, you need to either decimate your mesh or voxel remesh with a low number.

But here’s the thing- your scene may be taking too much memory as is and you don’t have any room to do the above tasks. If it crashes, you may have to just delete enough objects to reduce your memory enough to be able to reduce your mesh.

Start a new scene with a sphere, learn all about topology, decimation, subdivision, verts, polys kilos, gigas etc you can.
Do not go back to this messy scene, till you learned how to balance.

Then, open the messy scene. Go to your scene manager. Take a screenshot or write down your objects - the stats are showing them as well.
You have to separate you scene into at least three parts before you can start working with each. Something like all upper parts except face, all lower parts except face and face.

“Save as” scene, name it “back up”
“Save as” again and name it face
“Save as” again and name it XY lower
“Save as” again and name it XY upper

Delete flower parts of your objects (remember exactly which one, you have your list, write it down) including face and save XYupper.
Open XYlower delete the other half including face and save.
Open face scene, delete all objects except face and save.

When you are lucky, you can work with those scenes again.
If not, bury it, forget it or try to divide it in even smaller scenes.

It must have been a nightmare to come that fast. Before crashing, the iPad becomes slower and slower. Working is no fun anymore. Never let it come that far again. You have been warned, first the memory numbers are turning more and more red, then your iPad lags and you haven’t asked yourself why.

This should not happen again.
The bug is in 99% in front of the computer.

Thanks Guys for all your help, I think I’ve got the hang of it now.


Haha, we never will, none of us.
But we can get better and better.