S8 ultra 16gb ram. After 1.5M a crash happen

Trying to find the vertices limits I try subdivisions. After 2-3 repetitions and as I am between 1-2M … the next subdivision or move is a crash. The same happens when playing with the resolution and voxel remesher. I read the topics searching for an explanation and I read numbers like 6M and more but looks like a dream to reach the 2M vertices. As I have observed about 1Gb of ram is occupied by nomad having 5-6Gb at least free. Something seems wrong with the memory use. I have not observed a similar issue with other apps. I don’t know if it is an android or the app’s issue. If you remove the crash when vertices exceed 1M the app works like a charm with complicated forms (I have created two but with about 800k). But even a sphere when I will exceed the 1 M vertices a crash is close to happen … Bug behavior for 16Gb of Ram. Same behavior on note20 ultra (12Gb Ram).
Thank you.

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Something similar happens to me while i was importing models. I was using SAMSUNG m21 6gb ram.

I don’t replicate the crash on Galaxy Tab S7.
Close other apps and check in the settings if there options about ram (ram plus, etc)

Well I don’t know many apps on Android that can consume as many memory as Nomad…

I can’t help if I have 0 information on your file.

I was trying to import this one the full version…

I had tried importing each part separately and it importing perfectly but after sometime the app crashed.

Yes, no other apps consume so much memory. What I mean is I have not observed the same crashes with the browsers that in my case often need more than 1Gb (a lot of open tabs). Of course, they don’t go from 1Gb to 3Gb in a moment as a subdivision asks.
I have ram plus (4Gb checked-2Gb is the minimum but this is not physical Ram) The picture is that I have a lot of free physical Ram and it should not be an issue with a memory crash. Apps run in the background but as I mention system says that I have 5-6Gb free. If everything is ok with tab s7 and you can work with 2-3 or 6M of vertices then it is not an android memory management problem.
What I can observe is that I am working on a sculpt having 1.34M of vertices. Any subdivision from there or a resolution augmentation and voxel remeshing will lead to a crash. But I can live with 1M vertices even if I don’t understand why the sudden crash happen as I have plenty of memory.

I tried opening the file on ipad mini 6 (has only 4gb bram) and it works flawlessly. So maybe a bug or something.

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Do you have layers?

Note that I can go up to +20M in Nomad on the Tap S7 6GB.
Not with a single mesh but by duplicating 1.5M or 6M spheres.

Is it the Tab S8 or the phone S8?
Did you try to close the other apps, make sure your tablet is charged and try again?
Maybe show me a screenshot of Nomad before the crash, or the Android setting with the displayed RAM thing.

In any case I’m confident there’s no issue with Nomad.

It rather shows that the problem is with Android (or OneUI), not Nomad.
Nomad is the same version everywhere, the OS is not (and Android/Samsung can be a mess compared to iOS).

Also when you are next to the limit, I suspect the speed at which you increase the memory plays a role in whether Android decide to crash or not the app.
Typically I can use 5.6GB if I go with small increments in Nomad, but if subdivide big mesh, it can crash as early as 4GB.

iOS is much better in that regard, it’s much more reliable as it tells you exactly how much RAM your app can use before the crash.

It’s not “after some time”, that’s because you did operations that increased the memory usage and you ran out of memory.
Did you keep track of the “Used ram” on the top before the crash?

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No Layers included.
I tried copies (duplicate) of the scene of 1.34M rising to more than 12M. App didn’t crash and I made some small operations on my note20 (12Gb Ram). The app crashed when I tried to save it as a new file. The Ram that was occupied by the nomad was about 2Gb (1.9Gb on the settings page - difficult to know exactly, as, as you mention android doesn’t let you know the free ram exactly before the crash).

I attach two screenshots of a sculpt 1.37M. I subdivide and create a mesh of about 6M. This time no crash happen to the note20. Without working on the sculpture, I decided to save it as a new file and the crash happened.


Saving takes extra memory.

Marking the thread as solved, there’s nothing to fix from my part.

After several months I back to use Nomad.
Im using a Galaxy Fold 3 with 12GB RAM…but it isnt able to import an OBJ scene with 10M polygs exported from 3DCoat (about 500MB file). I need to reduce It (decimate) to about 5-6M of polygons.