Problem with RAM usage

Hello guys, if I use a translator, if there is such a strange translation, there is a problem that I can’t understand, using the program it uses a maximum of 2 GB of RAM, but my tablet is Android 13 has 8GB of RAM, what could be the problem? I didn’t find anything on this topic, nor a solution; I would at least find an explanation for this phenomenon.

I think I understand… The stats where it says total RAM available inside Nomad Sculpt is different from the actual RAM in your device…

My advice is : don’t worry about that.

My phone got 6 GB of RAM but Nomad Sculpt said I have 4 GB of free RAM available, but it doesn’t mean that I’m gonna use it all up.

If I subdivide the default Sphere until it reach 6 millions vertices, it only uses over 1.5 GB of RAM… So that means I still I have 2.5 GB of free RAM left availabe.

But those 6 millions vertices are useless… it’s very laggy, I won’t be able to sculpt that.

What I mean to say is, even if you only have 2 GB of RAM, you won’t need all of it for sculpting. You need to keep as little vertices as possible. Otherwise, if you export it, the file size would be very huge. And when you import it to another program, it’s gonna take a long time for the other program to load your file…