Tablet android 6gb but used only 2,2gb, why?

Hi. I’m new in this world and new in nomad. I have a new tablet with android, bought for use with nomad sculpt. This tablet have a 6gb of ram but nomad use only 2,2gb about, also if is only open app. I can allocate other ram or this parameter is automatic? Wait your reply, thanks.

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I think nomad alocate ram automatically

How did you get the “2.2gb value” from?
If it’s from the “free” stat indicator, it’s not necessarily precise on Android, you can duplicate objects until it crashes to see what’s the max RAM an app can use.

Hi, 2,2gb i read in free RAM on nomad sculpt. The app on android crash (xiaomi redmi pad 6gbx128gb) with simply work, i’m new in sclupt 3d and not working on huge project. I have bought now an apple ipad pro 11 2022 with m2.