Samsung Tab for Nomad, which RAM memory to go for?


looking to buy a samsung tab for Nomad sculpting (and 2D painting)

The Samsung Tab S8 Ultra comes with different amount of RAM memory,
cheapest one 8gb, the most expensive one 16gb…
The price difference is quite massive so wondering if there’s any point in having 16gb for Nomad?

Or is 8gb already more than enough?

Appreciate any answer,
thank you :slight_smile: cheers

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For Nomad you can never have enough RAM because the app is RAM-based. However the question is, how much RAM Android is willing to fork over. I think Stéphane can answer this question much better.

Go for Samsung S8 ultra 16Gb ram if you can afford it. But 8GB RAM will work.


How can Wacom tablet be used for Nomad Sculpt?
I have 2 Wacom tablets and last time I checked they required plugging into a pc & were not iOS or Android compatible

What Wacom? all sorted… :smile:
keep Cool!


Asking people to keep cool is counterproductive, as I’m sure you know. Now who’s trolling??

You must see my point of view……I am merely disappointed when someone who creates artworks that I admire then hands out BS advice to people as if it was gospel.

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Look, mate. I don’t know what upsets you. I have no intention of providing any info that is not correct. I own a Digital art blog and I have done many Nomad sculpts… for 3+ Year s of now… Digital Artist for 6+ years now…
Any Mistakes, If noted I’m happy to correct… them…

Thanks if you follow my artwork…


It’s obvious that you don’t want to help, you just want to advertise and post your links.
So you quickly write something without checking.
And your blog seems to be same quality, even though you blame other people to do mistakes in there.

Well, if you wanted to warn everyone to take you and your blog serious:

Mission completed!!! :vulcan_salute:

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Nope… I don’t need you to take my blogs seriously at all. I only want people who want to learn Nomad sculpt to take my blogs seriously. period. People who truly want to learn and grow don’t care about silly spell mistakes and typos… well, Did you know, Blogs are written In a way 10 yo can understand?

You may not like my Blogs, or my artwork… that’s Ok for me.

Chill & peace…