Galaxy Tab S7 or Ipad Pro 2018 ( please, help me decide! )

First of all, I’d like to thanks the developer of Nomad Sculpt.
The app just " WOW " . I have been using Nomad Sculpt on my old Ipad 6th Generation ( 2GB ram ) .

Recently , I have been saving up my money to get a new devices. but I’m on the fence what device should I get ?.

This is the second hand price in my country :

  • Ipad Pro 2018 " 64GB " ( 650$ with Apple Pencil ).
  • Tab S7 " Ram : 8GB / 256GB / 5G " ( 600$ since the Spen is included. ) .

Questions :

  1. For the amount of money I had above ( Which one should I get ) ?
  2. Which one of them performs better ?
  3. in IOS nomad sculpt show how many rams it available but on android it only show use ?
    ( Does the more ram you get the more polygon it can handle ? )

Sorry, my English is not good. Hope you don’t mind.

Thanks you!.

I personally would always opt for iPad so I am biased and can’t speak for the capabilities of the Galaxy, however for the amount that you have to spend maybe you should also consider the iPad Air with A14 chip… iPad Benchmarks - Geekbench Browser

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I have the Tab S7+ it’s got a good performance. But it blocks (probably on a hardware level) simultaneous pencil+finger entry which would be quite useful to have for Nomad. Can get used to it though. That’s the only thing I wish it had from the apple version. A plus for Android is that the pencil doesn’t have to be kept charged.

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  1. I recommend iPad (Procreate, screen ratio more suitable for arts, overall feeling, etc).

  2. iPads are much faster than Android, but since it’s the 2018 model here (A12) I would say it’s more or less the same as the S7.
    I got an the iPad Air 4 (A14) and it’s faster (~ x2.5) than my S7. But for the iPad Pro 2018 (A12) I would say it’s more or less the same.

  3. iOS has a method that tells you exactly how much RAM you have left before the app quits. Android does not.
    Android devices typically have more RAM but Android itself is using more RAM as well si it evens things a bit.

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Thanks for reply :smiley:
I got the Ipad Air 4 now , the second hand store in my country was kindly enough to let me test both.
Like you have mentioned, I can’t use the finger while the Spen is hover on screen, it’s kinda break my workflow that i used to draw on my Ipad 6th Gen.

I’m happy with the Air 4 now :D.

Thanks you so much for making such a wonderful app :innocent: .

I got the Air 4 now hehe.

Got the Ipad now :smiley: The second hand store was kindly enough to let me test both hehe.

Thanks you :smiley: