Android performance

I want to buy a tablet to do sort 3d sculpts when I’m away from my computer and I’m hesitating between the Galaxy tab S7+ or the new Ipad air 4.

The galaxy tab offers a bigger screen and more RAM for a similar price (when you add the apple pencil). Since I’m using an Android phone, I like the idea of staying in the same ecosystem.

Now that being said, we often see that for art, Ipad apps are a lot better than Android app. I was happy to see that Nomad is available on Android, but there aren’t a lot of videos from Android users so I was wondering if some of you actually tried the app on a premium android tablet and could tell me how it performs.

Also, I was wondering if the 4gb of RAM of the Ipad air would be enough to do nice sculpts in Nomad. What does the memory usage looks like for the sculpts you made so far?

I only have an iPad Air 3 so I can’t really compare.

But Nomad will run fine on both tablet without any issues.

@Galdo I have a Galaxy tab s4 and the UI is buttery smooth and using brushes on even heavy models is quite fast. The only time I see any hang is re-meshing to higher resolutions. But that should probably be expected on any platform. I’m definitely looking at getting a s7+ for the larger screen. But am not sure I want to buy the keyboard cover just for the nice hinge. If you buy either let me know what you thing.

I’ve not noticed any difference between the tablets, tried iPad Pro 2018 and the S4 (4GB) and S7+ and each can handle millions of polygon meshes fine and never ran out of RAM.

Ipad has a little advantage that you can use the pen and fingers at the same time for gestures and buttons where with Android you have to lift the pen before you can use your hand. Then again, on Android you don’t have to charge the pen :slight_smile:

Yo trabajo en nomad con un galaxy note 8, es un celular, es chica la pantalla, pero no tiene ningún problema, exporto via stl o obj hacia zbrush y viceversa y va muy bien, hasta respeta las mallas

I think it would be nice to have a Nomad benchmark at some point and a community-sourced chart of different devices. I’m guessing performance-wise RAM is the biggest bottleneck, at which point I have to mention that it blows my mind that the 2020 iPad Pro still only comes with 6GB of it.

I would like to know how this performs on 6GB of RAM vs 8GB… eyeing a refurbished Tab s6 since it’s within budget and wondering if there’s any major performance differences.

A difference in RAM will only let you use more polygons.
6GB of RAM is good enough.

I would say the limit is 3GB, with 3GB on my iPad Air 3, I typically can only use 1.7GB because the rest is used by the system. So I would say the difference between 3GB and 4GB is “more important” than between 6GB and 8GB.

But even then with 3GB, I can go up to 6M (although it will likely crash if you start using memory hungry operation like voxel remesher)

Long story short:

  • more RAM -> more polygons
  • better cpu -> faster stroke/operation
  • better gpu -> faster rendering

Any recent iPad or recent Android tablet will do.
Since chinese tablets can’t access Google Play, Galaxy Tab S6 and S7 are the best candidates for Android.

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Thank you very much for the quick reply! I’m very excited to try this since this app answers my problem of portability in my workflow. I’m very pleased with the intuitiveness of it too; spending hours just learning Zbrush has killed a lot of my creative time and this just lets me GO.

I was looking the same either iPad or Samsung tab s7.
I went for the Samsung cause if few reasons.
It’s cheaper
Much Ram
No need to charge the pen
Android OS meaning I can use kiwi browser and have the same experience like windows chrome.
Now I noticed in my Samsung tab s7 plus 8gb ram it only shows around 2gb ram used. Is there a way to increase this?