Performance on a Galaxy Tab S6 Lite?

Has anyone tried nomad sculpt on a Galaxy tab s6 lite yet?
if yes, how is the performance and how many polys are u able to use?

iknow its a very specific question, but i really wanna get a tablet just for this app. I really need a portable zbrush. I was considering an ipad pro or a surface pro. But the import charges here add an extra 40 to 50% to the price which is insane. Im considering a Galaxy tab s6 or an s6 lite. S6 will definitely work fine, however im curious about s6 lite.
I will mostly make base meshes on the tablet with around 700k to 1mil poly and later import them in zbrush and do other stuff. i would be really happy if a lite could achieve that without any noticable lag.

Sorry for the weird question :slight_smile:

Pretty sure the galaxy tab 6 regular & lite version should work just fine. I’ve got mine running on a Surface Go with the Pentium Gold which is nothing compared to the Qualcomm processors in the Galaxy Tabs. Give it a shot, you can always return it.

I’m running BlissOS just for Nomad. :upside_down_face:

on my Galaxy Tab S4 I can work with up to 3-4 million polygons just fine, but I don’t know if the specs compare to your model

just an update, its. working flawlessly on the s6lite, i can easily hit 2-3 mil poly, and can still sculpt on 4-5 mil poly

thx for the comments :slight_smile:
helped me alot to decide

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@Javed_Akhtar I had exactly same question, so glad to see ti already answeared. Update this topic if you will notice any issues with S6 lite and Nomad later on, please. I will probably not get the tablet for a few months so any longterm feedback will be aprreciated.

Sculpt away :slight_smile:

Ive been working on a sculpt and have found zero issues so far.
Im amazed by how easily it handles so many polys better than wat my previous laptop could handle.
Pretty decent for quick sculpts and concepting

i’ll try keeping the thread updated, considering how hard it was for me to find any user experience with nomad on the s6 lite


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Hiya- Can you get away with the 64Gb version? tks!