Possibly wrong ram statement in the nomad app (IPad pro 2022 12.9 256gb)

Bug reports
So I just bought the nomad app on the iPad and saw it says 8.2gb free ram. My iPad comes with 8gb and an app should only be able to use like 6.2gb at max. So I am guessing this is a bug.

it’s not a bug you only use 80mb in your scenes “Used:80mb”. and the RAM has always a little more or less than indicated by the manufacturer.

Wasn’t there something about this….?
For sure, you can’t have 8GB RAM available as IOS occupies 2GB.
But there are some discussions on one hand about a possible bug, and IOS 16 working with memory swap. It should not affect Nomad as far as I heard, but who knows?
Sorry, no help, more occultism :rofl:
Just try out. Add models and subdivide and add layers till Nomad start crashing. With backups of old scenes or test scenes for sure.

The answer you’ll get out of this are most reliable.
Also check if only Nomad is running or other apps are eating memory as well. Is a difference here on old iPad Pro

Maybe this is the virtual ram thing.
In any case free value on iOS is directly returned by the OS.