Did ipados already allow 16gb of ram usage for the latest ipads?

I saw that ipados16 is coming with 16gb of virtual memory swap. But i thought ipads already had a 16gb of ram capacity?

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I believe the virtual memory is using the hard drive memory if the actual ram is full.

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Virtual Memory Swap seems to extend memory up to 16GB using harddrive space BUT it looks like for M1 devices only according to this information:

Virtual memory swap on screenrant

@gozer1 only 1 or 2 TB newest iPad Pro have 16GB Ram installed. The other 2021 pros and the 2022 air have 8GB Ram. iPad Pro with 1TB from 2020 have 6GB Ram----I guess. Not sure. Other ipad Pro have 4GB RAM…again, not checked it carefully. Ahh, the oldest 9,7" Pro has 2GB only. Regular ipads have less than 4GB as well, at least the older ones. Don’t know exactly. So far non of older will benefit from virtual Ram swap…Apple will avoid to erase biggest selling point for newest prodcts :wink:

@knacki So is the memory swap going to apply to nomad and nomad will able to use more ram than before for the latest ipads?

I am not the right person to answer this. We’ll see.

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Maybe this video by Glen will help…


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Ok, I thought the question was IPadOS 16 specific.
With iPadOS 15 Noamd can use up to 12GB of your RAM of >1TB pro iPads from2021 I guess and 6GB of the 8GB on smaller iPads. (Roundabout…search forum for precise answers)

But with virtual memory swap in IPadOS 16GB should be somehow possible even on 8GB machines. That’s how I understood all this. But all this is theory in the moment.

I imagine that it’ll be more to aid multitasking ie apps in the background won’t get dumped as ram gets used up by primary app usage. Possibly adding greater app stability for Nomad when saving large scene files…?

I very much doubt that Nomad would suddenly have full unfettered access to 32gb of ram (well, 28 if you account for OS allocation)

But I’m also no expert

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I don’t even know if that’s true, I got report that it crashes before that.
I don’t have the iPad Pro to test it out.
It could be an internal VRAM limit (graphic memory) on top of the RAM, or something else.

I don’t think there’s any issue on Nomad’s side as I can push +18Go on my MacOS (there’re slight differences with the iOS version so I don’t rule anything out).

12 gig of ram in Nomad on the M1 iPad Pro with 16 gig of ram is accurate. It can crash right before that but it’s mostly correct.

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