RAM Usage and maximum Polygons

I know this has been a topic here before. What is the current situation here?

I have read that it should be possible to access more memory via swap, i.e. data can be swapped to the flash memory, which is used by the operating system as virtual memory. Such a feature has been used in Windows and macOS for decades. In the case of the iPad, this means that the full 16 GB of RAM per app is already available in models with 256 GB of flash storage.

Right now, ich have “only” 6GB for use…i have the 8GB iPad.

Will things change with IOS16? Then there will be no limits to the size and polygon density…

More information:

Memory swap means you can access (in theory) to all the free memory on your iPad (up to 256 GB).
Obviously the limit will be much lower, I don’t know how much they will allow.

Also GPU memory will still be a limiting factor.
Even if you use instancing, drawing +50 millions of polygons on the iPad won’t give you the best experience.


I’m not gonna draw 50+ mil Polygons :smiley:
But maybe more, than i am capable right now…which is around 15 mil.

It’s just a matter of no longer being slowed down by RAM and possibly not having some of the current crashes on larger projects. Maybe it will be possible in the future that the subdivisions remain saved in the project even after closing the app or after a crash?

But the feature will be available in Nomad Sculpt, too? Is this a feature that you have to actively program into the app, or does it come automatically with IOS16?

I’ll never save the subdivision as it only make the files bigger for no reason.
The thing is there is no data lost if you don’t save the subdivison, you can reverse it afterwards.

In the settings there is a threshold that tells Nomad when it should recompute the multiple resolution (it makes the loading a bit longer though).

No idea, I’ll see when iOS16 is out.

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