Has nomad or apple updated the ram usage to allowing more?

Its been awhile since ive checked with nomad and with the new ipad pro coming out i was wondering if nomad is able to use more ram.

yes ‘Apparently they have addressed the issue

What does this exactly means?
This is especially interesting for those who use the small iPads with 8GB or less.

@Dathen so how much can it handle now?

It is not, unfortunately. At least for those without M1 / or before 2021 built iPads.
Virtual memory swap is M1 only feature for IPadOS 16. Beside that, Stephomi declared several times that he is not sure if this will have an impact for Nomad itself. Maybe for multitasking?

Full RAM is never accessible. The 16GB devices can use up to 12GB RAM, but depending on project, it can be less. Stephomi said something about reported crashes at 7GB usage.
As Stephomi himself does not own a new iPad Pro, one have to wait for reports of other user.


Like Knacki said, the system uses quite a chunk, but with the newer M1 like I have, you get a little more bang for your buck so to speak, I learnt about the issue a while ago watching a video,
This one as a matter of fact

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@Dathen Thanks ill give it a watch

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Yes, this is IOS 15. But with IOS16 virtual memory swap is introduced.
Have you made some tests, or are there any reports of advantages with IOS16 memory swap and Nomad?

Forgot about the virtual memory, but no, I haven’t explored that feature as of yet, I should outa curiosity though.