Virtual swap memory question

Does virtual swap memory kick in on its own or do you need to access it API? is this something that you nomad plans to utilize in its feature set and to what end beyond more polys? Can it enable new features that previously restricted the iPad?

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Very interesting point!

I don’t know, but I wouldn’t expect much from it. Except avoiding some crash during memory intensive operation (saving, loading, remeshing, etc).
It won’t extend the video memory.

In any case, it is only available to M1 iPads.


Thank you, yea it’s pretty niche at the moment limited to m-series iPads. I thought however the memory was unified(both access memory and video memory share the same pool) this is only true for m-series again I suppose? So definitely not worth the investment at the current timeframe. It was fun to pick your brain on it however. Thanks again.

Honestly I don’t know, the only way to know is to test it for real.
I only have the iPad Air 4, so I can’t verify.

The previous limit was 12GB and that’s already a lot for me.
I don’t even know how usable it was on Nomad, I got report that it was crashing at around ~7GB but yet I could push it way beyond on desktop, so maybe there was another hardcoded limitation or something.

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You mean 12 GB for the big iPads with 16 Gig of Ram right?

The Swap feature would be more interesting for the small ones, avoiding crashes when working on high poly stuff :slight_smile: