Help, can't reverse subdivision without Nomad crashing


I’m hoping someone has an idea to help me out. I have a sculpt that I’ve put many hours into. It is over 6 million vertices for the details. That is about the limit that my 2018 iPad pro can handle. I had no problems reversing the subdivisions after restarting the app, so I figured I was fine. I want to pose it when done, so I need to revert to a low res version to do that. All of a sudden, whenever I try to reverse the subdivision, Nomad crashes every time. Have cleared the iPad memory and rebooted, both a couple of times and it still crashes. I also merged layers down in case that was an issue as I didn’t have any layers until recently in case that added memory usage, that didn’t help either. Any thoughts on a way around this? I might be able to export it,then import it into Blender and do the reversal and posing in it. Haven’t ever done that though, so I’m just guessing. Would appreciate any ideas of things to try. Thanks!

Where is the bug?

To me you simply ran out of memory.

@ccorpmd, If you have other objects in the scene maybe you can try deleting those as well to free up some ram. Otherwise you’ll likely have to export it out and do it outside of Nomad.

I also have the 2018 ipad pro and have come across some problems with a 4m mesh…so 6m is probably living on the edge.

It’s a dang shame apple starved their ipad “pro” for ram. And I hate that they don’t even advertise that spec anywhere :upside_down_face:

Thanks PXgeek,

I did figure out a way to deal with it. The only other objects in the scene all together are only less than 100k vertices. So, I didn’t think losing them would make a difference and simply deleting them didn’t. I also deleted lights and layers with no luck. However, when I exported the 6m mesh by itself as an obj and then imported it as a new file back into Nomad, all of a sudden, I could reverse the subdivisions. No clue as to why that made a difference but happy it did. Was able to paint and then pose it and then add the other objects back in with lights. Now it won’t reverse again. But I don’t need it to at this point. Must have been right at the very edge of what memory could handle. Wish the iPad pros weren’t so pricy. The 2020 version has more ram and supposedly there is one coming out this year with more ram yet and possibly an M1 chip. Oh well, I can dream about getting one. Thanks for your thoughts!