Multi res reverse glitch


I recently started my first nomad model and got to the point I was ready to pose the final mesh. I did all my painting and detail work already. The mesh was retopologized and uv mapped in blender before doing all the multi resolution work. Throughout the process I made sure that I could always go back down to the base resolution in order to pose the character easily for the final render.

Nomad seemed to crash at one point on my iPad and now I can’t seem to reset the multi resolution for the head object. The body which is a separate part reverses fine but when I go to do the head it crashes nomad every time.

Is there something I can do to fix this ? I spent many hours working on this project and I don’t want to have to start from scratch or redo all the work.


Figured out how to fix the issue… I had to merge layers to free up memory I guess. It seemed to work for what it’s worth.

I’ve had the issue a few times before. It seems to be happening to the models where I lay out the UV’s in Blender. Stephane’s fixed a few things, when it happens now I can go back a few steps and get close to the base mesh.

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