Can't reverse subdivision after reloading

Hi, this has happened to me with two different models now. I have a multiresolution mesh that I’m working on. When I exit out of the program and open the file up again I can’t reverse the subdivison. It just says it’s probably not a subdivision mesh. I’ve done nothing to alter it except scultpting on it.

Edit: Seems like it’s related to importing a UV-unwrapped .obj into Nomad. The mesh becomes split at the UV seams, and when the seams get welded it interferes with the multi-resolution

Try selecting “Keep topology at import” in settings menu (on 1.65) or in the advance file settings (on 1.66)

I think you have to do this every time you import the model however, otherwise Nomad will “fix” it upon import. Not sure if that changes when you save it to native Nomad format.

Also, with the file that you worked on in Nomad but lost the ability to reverse multi resolution - if you were on a lower resolution when you saved then you can’t go up in resolution anymore, but you should be able to reverse to a lower subdivision level (or at least that’s been my experience). I think it’s only the higher subdivisions that aren’t saved, as you can simply subdivide again (with some loss of detail if you’d sculpted much on the higher levels)

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I’m curious to see if it works with 1.66, the reverse is a bit more robust.
You can try here nomad - WebAssembly (drag n drop the file then reverse).

I’ve had the same issue happen a few times. I’ve made it a habit now before I step away from the app to turn all the multi-res sliders down to their lowest settings. Hasn’t happened since doing that, but I’ve been trying to keep a Low-Poly and High-Poly version workflow for baking normal maps in Blender for animations so it’s been frustrating when the Low-Poly one disappears and you can’t reverse the multi-resolution steps.

That’s not a good solution, as you lose any detail work you’ve done on the higher subdiv levels.

Sorry, late reply. I tried with the newer version but had the same problem. I was able to salvage the multi-res since I had a backup save and could export it to blender. But importing the model back to Nomad still results in the same problem. Checking the keep topology option might help… But you can easily accidentally ruin the subdivs by not checking it each time you reopen your file.

Had this happen to another model. Had a clean all-quad 5800 poly mesh from CozyBlanket. Imported to nomad, worked on it for a few days, set up layers for facial deformations, all was going well. I use multi resolution to sculpt the facial details. At some point after stepping away from the app it kept the higher 93k poly version and I can’t seem to step backwards.

Hölger over on the Facebook group said you might want to look at my file Stephane for debugging. Where can I upload it?

By email, personally I’m using gmail and it automatically fallbacks to gdrive if the file is big (maybe icloud has something similar).

You can test in the web demo to see if it works as well.

I just tried the web version and the same thing, I can’t reverse the steps below where the model is now.
It’s still stuck at 93k polys when the original was 5800.

You can send me the file then.

Where’s a good address to send you the file?

The mail is in the nomad about menu

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