Multiresolution lost after project save/load?

Hi, is it normal that the lower and higher subdivisions levels are lost after saving the project and then reloading? Tried with complex model, but also happens with a cube

I’m trying on 1.3 on Android 10, all setting reset to default

Yes it’s normal, multiresolution is not saved.

You can always recompute the sub resolution with “reverse”.

I guess it can be an issue if you are not on the highest resolution and then decide to save.
Maybe it would be better if I save the highest level for “save project”.

Also I realised the scene “duplicate object” doesn’t retain multiresolution either, I’ll fix that as well.

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Thanks Stéphane that would be helpful against accidental loss of resolutions.

Could it be considered for a future revision to save subdivisions as well, it could be helpful in some cases.
(I admit it would be mostly for convenience, but sometimes I also have base meshes that have a few triangles in them so they can’t be reversed to the lowest level)

On next release you should be able to reverse even if your mesh had triangles.

Actually to be more precise, the current version can already reverse triangles, but only if you enabled the “keep triangles” option when you first subdivided it.

Ah nice. Looking forward to it.

I’d like to add a request to save the multiresolution as well.

Hey guys ! I have the same problem too , and i somehow can’t use reverse it can’t recover the lower subdivisions . I hope this could be fixed in the futur or just have the option to save the multiresolution too . Awesome app by the way .

I agree, would be nice to have the option to save the multi-resolution.

Technically speaking, it is already saved, because it is redundant information.

But because this seems to come up often, maybe a “fake” save would make sense where only the number of lower resolution is saved and the slider shows the lower steps after loading, but they’re computed only when they’re actually activated.