Nomad crash for the second time when open the app to continue with the project

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Hi everyone I’m new with sculpting or 3D modeling and somehow I got hook to do sculpting cause I thought its the basic to make 3D animation or perhaps game after accident watching about 3D modeling on YouTube. And I’m still learning so I could just mistake something, and I’m sorry if I do.

Well yes I could just do all in pc, but well I don’t have any pc, since I bought iPad Pro 2018 from my saving and kinda regret it after I realize about 3D modeling this year.
So currently try to save to buy a new pc this year hopefully.

Since I have only iPad Pro I try to find the app and start to learn about sculpting and found Nomad and other similar app. But somehow I feel nomad is more welcome or at least that’s how I feel.
I start sculpting on 18 January 2021 I had a lot of fun with sculpting like literally can forget about time and doesn’t feel sleepy somehow.

So I become ambitious to make something more complex (well that’s what I thought) and start it on date 24 January 2021 which I don’t have any problem. My issue start after updating the new version.

On date 9 February 2021 I can’t open my project after I save it, the app just blank and crash. The app never crash while doing the sculpting even if I go to 6M for whole scene (I don’t know what’s that but the app said that number).
I try to open again and show me a sphere instead the project like it used too, so I try to open from inside the app which lead the app too crash.
Try to import also crash
Try to add also crash
I try to open from file also same result the app is open, blank, and crash.
I go into this forum actually but none had the answer I want i think.
So I try to looking again into nomad file, since I remembered there’s separate auto saving which also the reason I did update the app.
And I can open it although it’s couple hours the difference but that’s okay.
Yet the original files cannot be open, I don’t know is it big or not it’s 215 mb with 7M who scene?

And today date 12 February 2021 I don’t know what kind misfortune I got.
After I finished my project, I save it. And took some rendering image (something like took a picture), close the app
And when I return want to make a pose for it…
The same problem happening again, the app crash, open again and it’s show me sphere instead my finished project.
The worst thing is I can’t used same method to open my project from auto saving (like the 1st crash that happened). Not to mention the original file is cannot be open cause it will crash (already try it)

I don’t know is this some kind of bug?
Or the iOS processing saving or arrange the file is slow?
The original file with auto saving time only 1 minutes the difference, does this also the cause?
I even reduce as much as I could from 7M whole scene go down into 6.3M whole scene (Finished). Which file size is less than 200mb (199mb)

Also the funny thing is the file that was before cannot be open (215mb with 7M whole scene on date 9 February 2021) it can be open again somehow…
I’m using separate file name from before for precaution.

So know I feel really down and sad cause I can’t complete the project with pose. I even more regret buy iPad Pro instead a pc.
I could continue from the last file that crash but if it’s happening again…? I don’t want to experience same problem for the 3rd time with the same project.

So could developer check again with the saving system? Hopefully it get fix in next update so I could continue it.

Thank You for reading my message.

Ps I’m sorry for my bad English.

Additional info about original file 215mb file with 7M whole scene can only be open from file only. If trying trough the app open, add, import (open) import (add) it will crash. And if open from file it will seen as new project instead the saved file name (I don’t know is it normal?)
Hopefully that will help.

From what I can see it’s simply a memory issue, the scene takes too much memory and iOS kills Nomad (crash).

  • Do you have the iPad Pro 4GB or 6GB?
  • How much “free” memory? (top left corner stats)
  • Do you have lot of other app opened?
  • do you have lot of layers? (merging some can help)

Depending on what you are doing with your iPad, Nomad can use more or less memory so that’s why sometimes it can load a project, but sometimes not. (only when you are pushing the iPad to its limit of course)

There’s already lot of optimisation in Nomad to handle big files (compress object and layers, etc), I can’t do magic.

Yes, project are meant to be opened from within the app for now.
It could be improved, though low priority.

Thank you for replying me

Mine is 4gb ram :sweat_smile:

2862mb :sweat_smile:
ps: last time used was around 800mb left (try to check each time I save the project after the 1st crash)
As the picture show

Nope, only nomad :grin:

Hmmm, yeah I suppose… it’s like a lot I think :sweat_smile:
Like the picture being show

100% pure nomad only cause I don’t have pc

  1. Can I increase the ram? Or the rest of the ram being used or limited by iOS? :thinking:
  2. I will merge it if somehow I can open it like the previous file. Thank you for the tips :+1:
  3. Yeah I know you can’t do all the magic, yet you already doing great to be honest by making nomad. Thank you so much for it. I will try to be careful next project
  4. Is it difficult to do the programming? Does it have similarity with make a game? (My highest dream is making a game)


  1. Impossible, iOS needs a certain amount of memory to function (probably ~1GB)
  2. :+1:.
  3. Thanks!
    But if you really can’t open a file and you are stuck because you didn’t do backups, I can still open it on my computer and send it back in separate parts. But ideally I’d like not to do that.
  4. Yes, it’s difficult, lot of things to think about. Games are different but there are of course similarities.

I see guess that’s a silly question I asked. But thanks for the info. :+1:t2:

So there’s a way I can do alone if I get my pc this year? :thinking:
And also yeah better not cause I’m not sure how many parts I make for her since mostly I’m using only simple merger . :sweat_smile:

Hmmm, interesting I need to dive in to know more about it. Thank you.

Yes but a small note: Nomad is not available on Desktop for now.

So you’ll need to export the glb, or using the lz4 executable to uncompress it.

Uh that’s sound exciting so you also planning for desktop version in the future? I will wait for it. :grinning: :+1:t2: