App crashes every time I open it

So my app crashes every time I try to open it. This happened after I duplicated one of my layers and it crashed. I think the file got too big and now I don’t have access to the whole program at all.

I’ve tried restarting the app, clearing up the background apps. I’m not sure how else I can improve the RAM on my device.

I’m using an iPad 6th Generation, included a video of the problem!

It seems that you use almost all of your ram on that sculpt(Ram is the storage the iPad use to store stuff while the device is open) . Try opening another file to nomad sculpt so it would not open the current one. When it opens try to reduce the amount of polygons in future sculpts or if you have money buy an iPad with more ram because yours has only 2gb of ram, which in my opinion won’t last you. I would recommend a least 4gb of ram for nomad sculpt. The new iPad Air 5 has 8gb of ram which is okay for nomad sculpt.

Go to the File Manager - Nomad Sculpt - Projects :

Nomad Sculpt always tries to open the last project.

Remove / delete or move the last project from the folder or rename the Projects Folder, you can copy the stuff back later.
Open the App.

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You can check the FAQ

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