App crashing when trying to load some recent sculpts


Hoping you can help. My couple of most recent sculpts open fine, but Nomad crashes when trying to open ones from even a month ago. I tried four of them with the same result. I can switch between recent ones just fine. I tried importing them as a new file with the same result. Nothing special about the ones that won’t open other than that they were made on the last version on Nomad prior to the most recent update. Is there a glitch opening sculpts from last version? In fact, one of the ones that won’t open is the image I’ve got set as my avatar, not a large or complex Sculpt as you can see. Thanks

Can check that you are on 1.47?

Actually, it tends out I’m on 1.46, will update now and let you know results

That fixed it, thanks! Sorry I didn’t realize there was another update, my bad.