Help ! Unable to open Nomad sculpt after 1.85 Update

Received this message when I tried to open nomad sculpt after updating.
[ Iam using samsung galaxy tab s6 lite.]

Bug reports

Hi there! :raising_hand_woman: I’m also facing the same issue with my S23 Ultra. :iphone::crossed_fingers: Hoping for a quick fix!

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The update are already under review.


Getting the same thing after updating on my Samsung S9+ tablet

Crash seems to mainly be on Android so far.

Just updated to 1.85.

S8 Ultra Tablet and S22Ultra phone both getting constant crash when trying to open after 1.85 update.

Is there a way to install 1.84?

1.86 should be live on Android


Just updated and is working now! Thanks for the quick fix!

Thank you ! It’s working now !!

Thank you very much for your quick response. I appreciate it. Now it works.

When is 1.86 live for IPad?