Constant unexpected crashes 1.85

Bug reports I seem to crash just doing normal operations . Happens at random times with no specific reason or actions . List about an hour of work .

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on android s24ultra, impossible to open 1.85 after update. Even after uninstall / re-install it still doesnt open

I can’t even open the app after 1.85 update.

You didn’t tell the device

M2 iPad Pro 12.9

You need to define “normal operations” then, or the overall polycount.
Beta has been there for a while on iOS and there is no particular issue on 1.85 (the other crash report are on Android).

Edit: didn’t see that it was 3 days ago, maybe the issue has been fixed since then (beta wasn’t up to date and had indeed issues)


I’m also having issues following this update. Nomad promptly crashes after trying to open it and says that there is a bug. I’m using a Galaxy S8 with 8Gb of RAM, if that helps. I this an Android specific bug with a patch on the way or is this something more systemic?

Same as Help ! Unable to open Nomad sculpt after 1.85 Update - #7 by Renard_T