How can I update to 1.85 beta? would love to try it out before the actual version releases to get an idea about the new features

I have seen a few nomad users are using 1.85 beta and I’d like to try it out too. Is it available on android playstore or anywhere ?


awesome ! thank you !

FYI: the above link IS NOT the beta, it is the web demo (preview of the next version).

The beta is tan through Apple’s TestFlight app and works on your mobile device the same as the public version of Nomad does. If you want to use the beta then reach out to Steph.

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Thank you for the clarification. will the beta work on android tablet ?

No Beta for Android.

Then instead of waiting for the ipad air 6, I should go ahead and buy ipad air 5.

btw , do I have to purchase the app again if I sign in with my account on ipad ?

Yes, you will need to purchase again. Different app stores so purchases don’t sync between the two.

Understood. Thank you.

Wow, will this be a web or desktop version of Nomad Sculpt?

Web is for testing purpose only, but a desktop version: yes


Hello Stephomi, I have Nomad Sculpt on Ipad and I reallu wanted to try the 1.85 beta version, how can I possibly get the access to it? (If it’s possible to join)

When will we get the 1.85 for iPad Pro

Great question lots of us would like to know

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I’ve received an invitation from someone but I don’t know who did it because there’s no name in the email, but I would like to thank who did it.
The 1.85 version is impressive, I was so happy to try it because there are A LOT of changes and improvements from the released version

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