Where is the project folder for beta version?

Hi, I had an iPad with the last Testflight beta version and today I would like to update it to the final release but before I would like to copy the project folder but don’t appear on files.
Where are located? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Any idea where are the folders of Nomad on testflight?

Should be in the same place, store nomad got overwritten with the beta

Any Nomad folder appears, for that I ask, is very strange or I’m missing something?

Yes, on the other iPad appear but on this with testflight beta version not, maybe @stephomi could help. I’m worried to lose the models I have here if I install the last release.

Weird that it’s not there, maybe export all the sculpts done during the beta phase individually (annoying but better safe than sorry) update went smoothly for me everything as it was before and during beta… understandably important to make sure there is no loss!

Never uninstall Nomad or you’ll lose models.
Not sure why you mention beta, it’s not up to date anymore.

Download the latest store version instead.
As for the folder, restart the iPad it should appear.

Yes, after restart the folder appear.
I mention the beta so is the version installed, seeing that Nomad was not updated or seeing the folders, I thought that it would be something from the testflight version.
Now I copy the project folder, install app store version and copy back the project folder, right?

Nope, you can simply visit the Nomad Sculpt app store page and click on update.

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