Nomad quits when I import an alpha

I’m having an issue where Nomad quits every time I import a new alpha image.
When I open Nomad, the alpha image is there and I can use it just fine.

Anyone have the same issue?

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Format of the image?

Different sizes. All jpg.

Android? iOS?
Can’t reproduce any crash on my devices (Android or iOS).

It’s an iPad pro 12,9” 3rd generation, running version 14.6 of iOS and latest version of nomad.

I have had the issue for a couple of days, and just wanted to test again - now it’s gone, not sure why, I haven’t done anything. Annoying that I’ve just wrote about it, and now it’s gone - but it’s good that the issue is gone - I’ll let you know if it happens again. Very sorry to bother you.