New Image projection won’t load image

Bug reports

New image projection won’t load image, possibly due to size? I choose the image (image of a face) and I can’t see the image

What was the file format?

i get the same issue, if i import an image to use as an alpha it appears blank and usually crashes if i try to use it after import. i generally have to import > ( shows up as blank square) > close nomad > reopen and thumbnail is updated and it works, no crashes.

i work in 2-4K alphas so size could the issue

Good question. I downloaded another image and it works. I downloaded using my iPad. I just checked and it is webp format (which I suspected it was). Lots of images are using this format. May be good to support it?

All the “image doesn’t load” bug report that I got are because the image is an unsupported format (Nomad only load png/jpg).

First time I hear about a crash after an alpha import.
Do you have any way to replicate? I tried to import a 4k alpha and it worked.

i saved my alphas as PNG’s so possibly the format?. ill try to repro today and see if i can do it. ill repost here if it happens again. i just updated so may be all good.

i did notice tho sometimes saving an alpha to “photos” on ipad and bringing it in was fine. but under Alpha/ those were invisible and had the crashing. so maybe a refresh on folder situation?. either way ill confirm if i still get it