Load Alpha Crash

Hi Stephane, getting a fair amount of crash’s just loading in alpha’s into tools. New scene, very little work done, two crashes in a row. Third one so far. Bit random when it happens?

Can you replicate consistently or not?

Unfortunately I cannot, it really tends to be quite seldom, it’s happened on a few projects recently, some already heavy built up so I tend not to think much of it, but three times on a brand new one, it’s why I felt it necessary to mention bud. It happened a fair few times with the Stamp tool also - not sure if that additional information holds any weight.

Resolution of the alphas?
Extension of the alpha?
Where was located your alpha? (Files, Photos, Google drive, etc)

I don’t get it, does it crash when you select an alpha or when you import one?
If it crashes at import, the tool currently selected doesn’t matter.

I loaded ones that were jpegs, mostly 800x800, one was 4K - still JPEG. They were loaded in from iOS Photos, and it crashed when imported in - if the particular tool doesn’t matter please ignore the Stamp tool remark, wasn’t sure.

Me too, today loading a new alpha from iCloud drive Nomad closed unexpectedly.
I opened it again, the alpha was on the palette and all worked fine. Time ago occurred the same and today again.
The alpha was a jpg file 1024 x 1024

I’ve also seen this issue - I usually create alphas as PNGs at 2048x2048. Following the crash upon loading, a restart finds the alpha is available for use.
I find this happens intermittently and can’t really narrow down any reason. It happens on a variety of model sizes and even on new models.

Today another two times the same crash, load an alpha and Nomad close.

I can’t replicate the crash but I’ll look into it.
It seems random.


Thank you Stephane

I think I found the issue and it should be fixed on next release.
Not 100% sure since I could never trigger the crash though, but there was definitely something wrong.


Great, now I have a crash each time I add a new alpha. I don’t figure why so the alphas are the same.

Until then, dropping the Alphas in the Nomad folder is possibly safer.

Marking the issue as resolved, if you still have crashes when the next version is released, just tell me so!

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