Instability with stamp alpha and layers?

I’m getting some odd app crashes when doing this. Sometimes i’m able to successfully stamp on a 1mil. mesh with a couple layers without issue, and other times i’ll get 3-4 consecutive app crashes before it will start working again. Curious if anyone else is experiencing anything similar?

I don’t think its memory related. Stats show around 300-500mb usage with 2,000+ mb free. (I’m on ipad pro 13")

I’m using small alphas (256) both 8bit jpegs and 16bit pngs, format doesn’t seem to make a difference.

If I can reproduce the bug, I will be able to fix the issue.

Is it happening when you try to sculpt the same area?
Are you using dynamic topology?

It wasn’t dynamic topology, just regular sculpting.

I’ll report back further if i can effectively reproduce.