Stamp Brush SOS

Help!..The Stamp brush keeps on crashing Nomad…why is this keep happening?!!

I need more info.
Nomad version?
OS version?
Scenario to reproduce?

I have the latest versions of both and Iam using iPad Pro 2020.

When I start to drag the stamp brush Nomad crashes, it’s happened several times.

I need to know the latest version of Nomad exactly and a video because I can’t reproduce the bug.

Hi Stephane,
I am using NS V1.41, I have noticed that when I use the stamp brush with
Dynamic Topology, Nomad crashes.
Also how can I get rid of the pixilated shadows
When using turntable, see picture, are there correct settings to resolve
This problem in post process?


Adrianna. (942 KB)


For the shadows I think they’re topology-dependent, so you can subdivide the plane to improve them. I think.

Can you try on Nomad 1.42 to see it if still crash?

It’s not possible to improve shadow for now, it’s meant to be rendered when the camera stand still. It’s a caveat of turntable.

Ok Thank you.

Oh I didn’t realise 1.42 was released, I will try it again in that version.

Hi Stephane,

It’s still happening in 1.42, it sill crashes when dt, stamp and sym are
Used all together from what I can see. (758 KB)

Does it happen with any mesh?
Any alpha?
Any stamp preset?

I need to pinpoint the issue, no matter what I do I still can’t reproduce the crash so it’s a very specific setup.

Otherwise simply send me your tool preset with the associated alpha or your scene/mesh if that’s part of the issue.

It happens with all my alphas, not just one I tend to use the flat preset, with dt, as soon as I
Touch the screen with my Apple Pencil in stamp brush, NS crashes! image|374x500 Uploading: E8A8D654-1D7D-4268-AD6A-A974F96124B6.png… Uploading: 2A35C5F6-AB41-4F8C-A58B-57600B0CE6AA.png…

Ok I managed to reproduce but only once.

Have you managed to reproduce it again? My NS is still crashing.

Yes it’s going to be fixed on the next release.
Until then you can disable dynamic topology when using the stamp tool.

Hi Stephane,

I find that the stamp brush doesn’t work without dt, are my settings wrong? (1.28 MB)

Dynamic topology adds polygons, that’s what your mesh has way to less for what you want to do. But dynamic topology is not best to get clean results. If you just subdivide you ring to around 1mill polys, you will get very clean results.without dynamic topology.

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So just replying in case it might help:

But maybe try using a different tool (clay, or standard brush) but just change the settings so it behaves like a stamp tool. I’m not sure if that will change anything but maybe you can bypass the crash that way…it’s worth a shot.