HELP! emergency! Crash at opening of the soft

Hi Stephane. For the first time since i got the Update, i got a crash.
But since that i can reopen Nomad, as it crash right away…
I restarted several time my ipad (pro M1, 12.9inch, 5th generation), but still crashing.
It’s my principal work tool (for a year and a half now) so i’m helpless.
Let’s find a solution :slight_smile: Thank’s in advance.


Did you drop a file in the Nomad folder?

Yes a texture made on procreate

ok i removed the file and now it’s seems working.
Thank you for the fast reply!
Do you know what is the issue?

Yes it was in the 1.68 log Nomad Change Log - #42 by stephomi

Ok MercI!.
so cannot add files in folders for now?

Thanks anyway. and thanks for the amazing work! Bonjours de Shanghai

Go the regular way via import and you are fine!
Had same issue with a Matcap, yesterday.
Just open the texture preview menu and choose “import” and have fun :vulcan_salute:

yeah that what i did finally. not a big deal as soon as you get the answer :wink: but when it start to crash non stop it was frightening! but the support from stephomi was fast and efficient! Thank man