Forger (now with 3D modeling)

Last update added 3D modeling (v 2023.0.0). You can easily switch between model/ sculpt.
Pretty cool not gonna lie.


Blender vibes

For sure it is. that’s what I like about it :wink:

Soon maxon will turn forger into zbrush mobile.

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They definitely have an eye on Nomad and will try to overtake it in the app space. So it’s more important than ever, that the new 1.66 is released! :wink:

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As long as Nomad remains performant and non-clunky tools, with good workflows - it doesn’t matter what Maxon does. In the end performance and workflow smarts UX/UI is what will count… that goes for any DCC in this age imo.

That being said, it would be awesome to use Nomad to do more ‘traditional’ modeling.

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I am confident I know that one day we will have some modeling tools like those of blender. Just patience.

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forger like blender… :grin: i like it

I love the idea of being able to do more of say, modelling like in blender within forger, however, I still wouldn’t be too interested in forger due to the dreaded subscription based services, I don’t like the idea of having to subscribe to any model like that, this is one of the reasons along with the performance, the tools, the easy to use UI along with introducing you to sculpting in general, this is the reason as to why I went with the excellent Nomad Sculpt and Stephane in general.

On a side note, we can do hard surface modelling to a reasonable degree with Nomad, but it would be cool to have a few extra tools to be able to do this maybe in time with Nomad Sculpt.


I haven’t spent a lot of time with the update but I don’t think it can touch the usability of Nomad. It is nice to have decent poly-modeling tools on the iPad now tho… Subscriptions suck 90% of the time but $15/yr isn’t bad if they continue updating it. I was afraid a company like Maxon would charge that much per month… I’d love to pay $15/yr for Nomad if it helped development at all. I’d still probably feel guilty only paying that :stuck_out_tongue:


They copied the gizmo and did the thing Nomad is a bit weak - for the moment.
It is good to see more modelling options & apps going mobile.

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One of the things that would definitely help Nomad to distance itself with forger is having a bone-like system to help pose characters. The last “must have” function lacking with Nomad. I would also be alright with a 15$ a year subscription to help Nomad developpement.

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You could donate that (and more if you chose) but I’m not a fan of subscriptions. Posing would be a great addition though.

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Stephane did mention in discord that Rigging and IK were his next short term plan.


I’d be more than fine with Stephane charging for additional features such as rigging, poly modelling, UV unwrapping, etc. as one time in app purchases.

The core sculpting functionality of Nomad is solid so anything else is a bonus and should be treated as such, if you have no interest in rigging you don’t have to pay. If it is vital to your work flow then you should be more than happy pay a little extra to cover the development time spent.

Everyone hates subscription models but worse is users demanding more and more features for free, forever from their very minimal initial payment of £15

My 2 cents on the subject :yum:


This rigging talk is a bit absurd, isn‘t it?
With upcoming Forward Kinematic Nomad offers more than the other big sculpting apps. Doesn‘t it?
Keeping Single parts like legs single as long as possible together with instances allow you to sculpt on a posed character with symmetry.
Which app is offering this, guys?

In zBrush, I remember two options.
Building a mesh from Zspheres and use them to rig your character - never hade the muse to get this working.
Else there is transpose master. Very cool but based on reprojection.
Means, masking, rotating, refining.

What does3D coat offers? The forum there is asking for rigging as well, even though there is a pose tool, a bend tool, FFD cages….

Blender is a full package and zero available on mobile, like the other apps mentioned. So what?

On could try mixamo on a ready made sculpt 5mill poly sculpt - won‘t give the results expected.
I know we have some peeps here, who know all this, but I have the feeling most are saying „We need rigging“ without knowing that this alone won‘t help a lot on a mesh with trillions of polys without subdivisions to make it somehow controlable.

Further more, there are so many options inside Nomad, people have no idea that they exist (it is easier to make a feature request than learning the tools), but would help a lot, like gizmo “tangent roll threshold”.
No one uses this, but people are asking for bend features.

So don’t get me wrong guys. I would love to sculpt in T-pose. Put a background picture of a person, activate voice recording and say:” Nomad, Earl Grey, not to hot and same pose for my sculpt like on the picture.”

We are not there. So rigging sounds fantastic but is by no means the easy solution most peeps think it would.
This chapter is done with 1.66 imho.

Poly modelling - well this another story.


It’s great that we have more poly modeling for the ipad, but I don’t care for how it works in forger and I hope when we get it for Nomad it will be without the gizmo. I want to model be moving the vertices, faces and edges not the gizmo.

Edit: Just saw that you can kinda get rid of the gizmo and just have the axes in forger. This is better but I would prefer no visual distraction at all.


I hate to ask this here, but Maxon is maze when it comes to simple information. How do you set up symmetry in modeling in Forger. I see it in sculpt but not in poly modeling?

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You have to ask in the Forger forum and wait months for a reply :cricket::cricket: :joy:


From the help text I don’t understand how this works/does?

What is the difference to a linear and circular roll? And what is tangent referring to?