Finally! I can now delete Forger

Two of my wish list came with this update and I am so excited to explore the others. The turntable, however, is so great! The ability to real-time zoom and rotate blows Forger’s (only reason I kept it around) out of the water. Screen capture is required to record but that does not bother me at all. Thank you so much for everything you have done with the app. I have been suggesting it to people left and right.


i think forge is going in the wrong direction, even more today than maxon has bought the app. I hope @stephomi will make a success of nomad like procreate by keeping the business model of one-time purchase all the time. I was pro forging before but the stagnation of the evolution and the buyout by a big company it smacks of subscription and it’s really not what people like us want

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Until now Maxon didn’t change the one time purchase to subscription and I hope they don’t because it will hurt the app a lot.
When i heard the news I was kinda excited
Maybe we gonna see a big addition to the app.:man_shrugging:t2:
Anyway I think it’s too early to delete the app
Because we still can use it for uv unwrapping

I will keep my forge. Since I only use 2 times. But I like nomad cause more friendly user for me.

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Nomad is the future of 3d computer graphics on our tablets and I pray the business model never changes.

blessed be “nomad”


Maxxon is a better company than the big A’s. Offering perpetual and rental, which good. Didn’t know that they bought forger. A good reason to keep the app. Two options: they push the app, they let it die, like pixologic killed Sculptris. We’ll see.

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This is why I try at all costs to make nomad sculpt known around me because I think that it is really the future and that the more users there will be, the more nomad will survive, I sincerely hope that. nomad becomes the procreate of 3d and it is off to a good start

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Also I would like to add @stephomi perhaps could make another app?

I mean nomad can be pure for modeling with a lot features where people can purely make a model, with hard surface too in single pure for modeling.
And other app he make, could be use for finishing make pose Add bones or rigged or something more complex for rendering or something else to give final result and perhaps have better room to save the object with different file formats?

Perhaps he could have better manage with 2 app instead one? yet I’m not sure either since I’m not a programmer, probably not a great idea? :sweat_smile:
Well i don’t mind buy he’s app if related with nomad.


It’s always hard to know what’s going on behind an acquisition.

Either they hired the forger developer so that he can work and focus on the sculpting features in C4D.
Or they are really interested in the tablet market and will push and expand forger (which is good for you but more competition for me :sweat_smile:).

On this subject, it’s a bummer but this project has been dropped, I would have been curious to test it.

No that would be hell to maintain in my case.

I don’t plan to change anything for now, especially if I keep doing that solo.

Unlike a video game, 3d tools need to be maintained continuously so I can understand why companies opt for a subscription based model.

An idea that I prefer is to have a yearly subscription, but only for updates.
You would still have access to the app if you stop paying but no more updates.
If Apple was proposing something like that out of the box, maybe I would have gone for it, or at least think about it.

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It’s usually not super-popular with users, but apps like Drafts seem to do alright when they stop upgrading an old version and sell a new one. I think they’re up to like, Drafts 4 now.

Then there are companies that make ongoing income via value-add stuff. Maybe selling brushes/tools, subscriptions for cloud hosting or something. shrug

Maybe get in touch with Exoside and offer a subscription service that runs QuadRemesher on a cloud server somewhere. :slight_smile:

don’t change anything yet. everything is fine the application is fine. people like me who do it out of passion will quickly be disappointed with a subscription system. thank you :pray:


Considering I can’t even make a single alpha… :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t want to introduce paid feature, I prefer simple things, like an all-or-nothing approach (exception with the trial on Android… but that’s another question) .

For me there’s a big difference between “nothing” as “no access to the app anymore”, and “nothing” as “no more update”.

I’ve never been a fan of cloud services, I prefer fully offline stuffs.
But yeah the QuadRemesher that Maxime built is mind blowing. I don’t know if artist realise how difficult it is to write one.
There are open-source ones but it’s not robust enough to my taste for now.


I think the one time purchase is the best way to go

So far a lot of great apps with one time purchase become better then big names like affinity designer and affinity photo against photoshop and illustrator
And LumaFusion against Adobe rush
Come to think about it
The best apps in the market like procreate, nomad sculpt and others are one time purchase.


Yeah, I finally broke down and bought a license for QuadRemesher. It’s so good. I mostly just suggested implementing it as a cloud option because it seemed like the most-plausible way of getting it working in Nomad and I’m dreaming a bit. :slight_smile:

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Wow now that’s another level up for you if you successfully to implement it. :+1:t2:

There’s other app sketch 3D (that I found today) that can edit vertex topology, or add plate mesh by drawing (I think) also add bones and animated the model, Yet it’s not for sculpting like nomad or forge but more like…(I don’t know how to say it :sweat_smile:) it’s like edit app rather make model I think. It’s kinda old app I think and confusing since there’s no guide how to do it.
maybe you know about it?

Well true if the people want it, and it’s worth it. It’s not a bad app, but more like for veteran and feels like classic style since it’s only have quad topology. But not all want it also. Some probably wait and see.
Just do you best, and bring the Zbrush to mobile. (Although I don’t know how Zbrush works but I know it’s a mother of modeling yet only on pc :expressionless:)

I see so that’s a bad idea. :sweat_smile:

This is not a bad idea since basically people can still using it but no new features. Which is it’s a win win I feel.
How about premium features and basic features?
It’s same but the positive thing each user still get an update to fix some bug, but limited with basic tools? Or it’s another bad idea? :sweat_smile:

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Well true, but perhaps 3D is need a lot more effort when programming? :thinking:
Well let’s just wait and see it’s still long way.
And I think there’s couple company that already aim nomad to be under their hood. But they still wait and see I think:thinking:

I just wish @stephomi get a great investor that willing to understand majority Artist wish.

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I couldn’t have said it better, that’s why I chose all the applications you mentioned for their one-time pay system and its
Applications are still a hit.

Je ne l’aurais pas mieux dis, c’est pour cette raison que j’ai choisi toutes les applications que tu as cité pour leur système one time pay et ses
Applications cartonnent toujours.

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@stephomi While I like and appreciate the one-time purchase model, I can understand why companies opt for some sort of subscription. It costs money to keep working on a project.

One thing I liked from another app (game) was an option to donate to the Dev. I believe it was Blackpawn on one of his games. He had an in app purchase called something like “Buy Blackpawn a taco - $0.99”.

This gave fans/supporters of the app an optional way to contribute when/if they wanted. I’m guessing there are some here (myself included) who would happily tip you here and there just to say thanks for the great app and ongoing work.

Or even a link to a Patreon (or similar) account.

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Apollo (Reddit client) does this too. You can do a donation subscription too.

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I always hated subscription services. If I were a professional in the field, I’d consider but probably still buy it out right. However, I’m mostly a hobbyist in the digital world. Now, if you offer certain update packs (not sure if possible) with say rigging, stop motion functions, or other cool things I’d buy those out right. Or target avenues of the program like painting and rendering packs, hard surface packs, or advance sculpting tools so people can choose what upgrades they want to concentrate on.

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